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Jericho Suspender Bloomers

Jericho Suspender Bloomers by Lacey Lane  

Classic and timeless that's for sure, meet Jericho suspender bloomers who's sure to be a a staple for all seasons. Jericho has a large gingham fabric design in navy, olive and white with large timber buttons on the front waistband. They sure look lovely over a blouse or tee for summer, or winterised with tights, long sleeves and a cardy. 

Jericho Suspender Bloomers straps are adjustable and have multiple button holes to shorten or loosen. They cross over at the back and button up to the back elastic waistband. Thus keeping our Laners comfy while increasing longevity wear.

- Adjustable elastic waist 
- 100% cotton fabric
- Navy, Olive and White gingham 
- Adjustable straps
- Adjustable waist elastic
- Timber buttons
- Regular fit 

Model one wears size 2 paired with Gretta Blouse, model two wears size 1 paired with Junee Blouse


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Learn how to tie your suspender bloomers like a pro with this great video tutorial from Bec!



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