Meet the Team

Name: Bec
Position: Co-Owner
Favourite LL Piece: Ella Dress
Favourite Ice Cream: Rum n Raisin
Instagram: @beclaceylane

Name: Nikki
Position: Co-Owner
Favourite LL Piece: Bobby Brother
Favourite Ice Cream: Macadamia Nut
Instagram: @nikki_laceylane

Name: Amy
Position: Creative Director
Favourite LL Piece: Ella Dress
Favourite Ice Cream: Choc Mint
Instagram: @theheartinmychest

Name: Emma aka Weas
Position: Bad B*tch
Favourite LL Piece: Aria Blouse
Favourite Ice Cream: Bubble-O-Bill

Name: Ez
Position: Customer Service Manager
Favourite LL Piece: Lolly Dress
Favourite Ice Cream: Choc Mint

Name: Joanna
Position: US Customer Service Rep 
Favourite LL Piece: Ava-Rose Dress
Favourite Ice Cream: Choc Chip Mint

Name: Gemma
Position: Shop Gal
Favourite LL Piece: Audrey Blouse
Favourite Ice Cream: Rainbow


Name: Monique
Position: Shop Assistant
Favourite Ice Cream: Mint Choc Chip

Name: Tracy
Position: Warehouse Manager
Favourite LL Piece: Florence Fairy Dress
Favourite Ice Cream: Chocolate


Name: Carla
Position: Ultimate Wingwoman 
Favourite Ice Cream: Mint 

Name: Wend 
Position: Warehouse Assistant
Favourite Ice Cream: Chocolate









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